A Year of Conversation 2019

A Year of Conversation 2019 (AYOC19) is a collaborative project designed to celebrate, initiate and explore conversation through the arts.

Initiated by Dumfries-based poet Tom Pow, it brings together a number of partner organisations across Scotland to produce projects and events throughout 2019 focused around a number of conversation themes:

  • Translation as conversation.
  • Conversation as a social good.
  • Conversation as event (micro and macro).
  • Conversation within and across art forms and across borders.
  • Conversation in a digital age.

If you have a project or event in mind that could be included in AYOC19, why not submit the details for inclusion on their website?

“A Year of Conversation 2019 is about us all celebrating, initiating and exploring conversation in our lives. There will be some events involving many people at places you might expect – festivals for example. But there will be many conversation events that are smaller and more intimate too. What is a ‘conversation event’? It’s simply something that’s been planned – that you might have planned – in which conversation plays a significant part or which gives rise to conversation. So it may be a performance of some kind or it may be a group of people (you have) chosen for a special reason to share a meal. There will be information about events on the website, but there will also be space for you to reflect on your own experiences of conversation.”

– Tom Pow

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