New edition of McMillan’s Galloway coming soon!

A new edition of McMillan’s Galloway (paperback) is due out soon from Luath, with lots of revised material plus new sections on ‘Religious Maniacs’, ‘Fergus of Galloway’, and ‘Real and Dodgy Sailors’.

McMillan’s Galloway, written by local author Hugh McMillan, takes the reader on a whimsical tour of Dumfries and Galloway through the people, places and myths of the area. Topics include the pub where Britt Ekland did not film the seductive bum scene in The Wicker Man, the striking similarities between fairies and little green men and the unexpected revelation of Lawrence of Arabia’s tenancy in Kirkcudbright.

A witty cabinet of curiosities, Hugh McMillan’s reimagining of John Mactaggart’s 1824 Gallovidian Encyclopaedia collects the poetry of his beloved Dumfries and Galloway from Burns to the present day, and affectingly delves into the area’s continued issues of depopulation and land ownership.

Despite his irreverent tone, McMillan’s love of this corner of Scotland is obvious, and you’d be hard pressed to finish McMillan’s Galloway without feeling that you, too, might like to move to a wee village on an unreliable bus route somewhere west of Dumfries. Though you’ll change your mind once you find out it probably no longer has a pub.

Contact Luath for further information on publication date and how to order a copy:

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