Solway Firth Partnership’s ‘Fishing Faces’ project

Solway Firth Partnership is currently running a project called ‘Fishing Faces’, aimed at promoting commercial fishing along the Solway. We have commissioned Kim Ayres, a professional photographer, to produce portraits of 12 individuals involved in the industry. This includes a harbour master, a coastguard, a chef, a life-boatman, a worker for the fisherman’s mission, processors and the fishermen themselves.

We now want to pair each of the images up with a variety of interesting pieces of written work. We intend to use different styles for each portrait. This could be biographical, informative, or even fictional. We were hoping writers, poets, musicians etc. would be interested in working with us to create short pieces to go along with the portraits and tell an imaginative story of the Solway. We have a range of photographs for each individual and would be interested in creating several written pieces to go along with each. As a result, this may be of interest to writers’ groups.

At the end of the project we hope to produce a small publication containing some of the work produced.

If you, anyone you know of, or group that you work with are interest in exploring any of the options please get in touch with Morag Walker at

For more information about the Solway Firth Partnership, check out their website here:

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