Author International Travel Fund

This fund has been established by Scottish Books International to support writers who have been invited overseas to promote their work.

Scottish Books International works on behalf of the literature sector in Scotland and is dedicated to the international promotion of books, writers, festivals and organisations.

The types of things that this fund will support include:

– Invitations to be part of an event at a literary festival or literature or cultural organisation.
– Trips for publicity events to support publication of a work.
– Invitations for authors to present their work as part of trade fairs or conferences.
– Invitations to a residency or creative exchange overseas, where support for travel costs is required. Support for fees or ongoing expenses as part of residency opportunities can not be supported due to the limits of the fund.

The fund aims to:

– Increase opportunities for Scottish writers to attend festivals and other promotional or exchange events overseas.
– Remove barriers for Scottish writers from all backgrounds to take up these opportunities.
– Develop relationships between Scottish writers and festivals, publishers and organisations overseas.

For more information go to:

For further information, please contact (, or visit

The deadline is Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 23:59.

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