Creative Writing Workshop: The Reverse Creation Method

Sunday, 14th April 2019, 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM at Eskdalemuir Community Hub

“The Reverse Creation Method”, a workshop in Creative Writing with Edilberto Restino. Edilberto is a film maker, for which he has won a number of awards, but is also a poet and an author and has written a number of books. Ed will introduce us to his, rather different approach to planning our writing. The course is free, courtesy of Eskdalemuir Expressive Arts. There will be a break for Sunday lunch: – Please book. Bring your own writing materials.

The workshop “Reverse Creation Method” will take you on a journey to give you innovative tools to write your idea, from a short story even to a novel or script.

Restino will show you how to think outside of the box, and how it will help your writing process. He will teach how to create your characters and give them live, give them the freedom to evolve, but keeping your idea as a streamline at the same time.

To book your free place, click here.

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