Scottish Writers’ Centre seeking submissions for new series of chapbooks

The SWC has launched of a series of chapbooks for 2019, to celebrate Scotland and showcase the best of its contemporary writers.

Submissions of poetry, prose-poetry and flash fiction are welcomed, written in any of the languages of Scotland.

As well as standalone pieces, there is an opportunity to have one work or a collection of flash/poetry serialised across all five chapbooks, touching on the themes below. If submitting a piece for serialisation, consider the max word/line count for each issue (25 lines of poetry, or 300 words of prose), as well as the five themes. Your submission should include the completed first piece, and a rough draft of the remaining pieces.

The first theme will be: Island and Sea, followed by:
• Borderlines
• City, Town and Village
• Mountain and Glen
• River, Loch and Burn

*the order of these will be dependent upon the order of the winning serialisation*

Successful submissions will be paid at a rate of £10, plus a copy of the chapbook. The writer chosen for serialisation will be paid a total of £100, plus copies of each chapbook.

Full information regarding submissions can be found at:

For further information, please contact (Andrew Smith), or visit

The deadline is Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 23:55.

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