Weaver of Grass at the Swallow Theatre

Join poet Chrys Salt and harpist Wendy Stewart for the extraordinary life and work of Angus MacPhee told in music and poetry.

Thursday, 9th May, 7:30pm at the Swallow Theatre.

Award-winning poet Chrys Salt with internationally acclaimed harper Wendy Stewart weave the extraordinary story of Angus MacPhee, a crofter from South Uist who went off to war in 1939, fell ill with a form of schizophrenia and was then sent to Craig Dunain Mental Hospital outside Inverness. For the next 50 years Angus chose to remain almost totally silent, but went about weaving hundreds of garments from the grass and leaves he harvested from the hospital grounds.

A rich and enthralling exploration of mental health, the creative process, human frailty and ancient traditions.

The programme will also feature a sequence about Ötzi The Iceman – the well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived over 5000 years ago. He was discovered in the Ötztal Alps in 1991. Bronze Age Man also wove garments out of grass.

Tickets £10. Click here to book.

Chrys Salt’s poem sequence “Angus MacPhee, Weaver of Grass” is the centrepiece of her collection Grass (Pub. Indigo Dreams 2014). “Ötzi The Iceman” is from her collection Dancing on a Rock (Pub. Indigo Dreams 2017).

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