The 1st Annual Cupid’s Arrow Single Poem Competition

Love poems get a raw deal in the 21st Century and Hedgehog Poetry Press feel that it is time to bring the warmer side of life back into a cosy focus as they search for the Definitive Love Poem for St Valentine’s Day.

With entries limited to one poem per person, they are looking for a poem that tells the tale of the love of your life, whether that is after 50 years together or is about the one that got away and was poignantly left unrequited.

The Winner will get:

  • £100 in Prize Money
  • An invite to read their poem at the next Hedgehog Press Event
  • Their poem published in the Summer Edition of ‘A Restricted View From Under the Hedge’
  • 250 copies of their poem beautifully printed in artcard form
  • Submitted by the Hedgehog Press as one of their entries for this year’s Forward prize.

The competition will be judged by Mark Davidson, Editor of The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

To apply, click here.

Deadline: 14th February 2019.

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