“Conversationally Yours”: A Poetry Collaboration Competition

2019 sees the launch of a series of collaborative pamphlets from the Hedgehog Poetry Press, where two poets will create a Conversation in Poetry. The idea is simple, they agree a topic and working on a call and response basis, each will react to their partner’s poems with one of their own.

The first three collections feature work by Sarah Thomson and Nigel Kent, followed by Diana Devlin and Irene Cunningham, and they are keen to widen the scope and see what other poets can bring to the format.

The ‘Conversationally Yours’ competition challenges you and a colleague in poetry to create your own Conversation, with the best of these to be published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Nigel Kent and Sarah Thomson have agreed to judge the competition that will find the winners:

  1. Seeing their Conversation published by the Hedgehog Press in Pamphlet form
  2. Sharing 100 copies of the publication
  3. Being invited to read their work at a future Hedgehog Press Event


  1. Poets should enter the competition via the Hedgehog Poetry Press website
  2. The Conversation should number no more than 20 poems, each of 40 lines or under
  3. All poems must be submitted in the correct order, in a single file by email to poetry@hedgehogpress.co.uk in a single file in Word, TXT or RTF format, after payment has been made via this web site
  4. Cult members need only email their entry
  5. All work must be your own and must not have been previously published in a book or collection by a traditional publisher. Magazine published poems are acceptable as are poems included in previously self-published collections.
  6. Please ensure that both poets have their name included in the submission along with their contact details
  7. Judges decision is final
  8. Deadline for entries is 31st May 2019 at 11.59pm
  9. Competition results will be published on the Hedgehog Press web site and via our Email Newsletter on or prior to the 31st July 2019.

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