The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition

The Scottish Arts Club Short Story Competition is open to writers worldwide. You do not have to be Scottish to enter!

Alexander McCall Smith is the chief judge. He is assisted by a team of experienced readers in the early rounds, who work together in teams reviewing the stories. Each story that makes it to the final round of the competition has been reviewed about 40 times. 

Stories should be 2,000 words or fewer and may be on any topic. Alexander McCall Smith told us he is keen to see more stories that are clever, upbeat, entertaining, or optimistic. This does not mean all stories must be like that – just that recently most stories entered in the competition have been quite bleak. It is still possible that a strongly told tragic story will win – but if you are a writer with something more joyful in mind, this could be your year. Diversity is encouraged.

2019 Prizes include:

  • First prize of £1,000, second prize £500, third prize £250 open to writers worldwide
  • £500 Isobel Lodge Award open to unpublished writers born, living or studying in Scotland.
  • The Scottish Arts Club will present one year free membership of the Club to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and Isobel Lodge winners.
  • Publication in the next anthology for all finalists.
  • Dedicated page on the Scottish Arts Club website for all finalists to promote their work and share insights about their writing life.
  • The Scottish Arts Club Member’s Prize is awarded by the reader’s panel to the top story entered by a member of the Scottish Arts Club.

Application deadline: 28th February 2019.

Click here to apply.

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